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Saddle Fitting Know How For Riders and Trainers

Two informative films brought to you by world-renowned Kay Hastilow, Master Saddler and Master Saddle Fitter with more than 50 years of experience.

In this first of two films presented specifically for Riders and Trainers, Kay explains how the conformation of the horse affects saddle fit and why movement also regularly affects fit. She discusses the influence of the saddle tree and the myriad of types available, the different types of panel and their effect on fit and also the positioning of girth straps and their influence.
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This second film for Riders and Trainers follows on from the first film, with Kay asssessing a saddle for straightness, soundness and safety. Her expertise underpins a clear and concise explanation of how to recognise a good fit, both static and dynamic before she moves on to discuss saddle balance. The final section on rider influences will strike a chord with many viewers and is a must-see.

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Saddle Fitting Know How For Riders and Trainers - Part 2

Esssential Saddle Fitting

A complete educational series brought to you by Kay Hastilow

Essential Saddle Fitting by Kay Hastilow

The complete guide offers eight films aimed at equestrian professionals, saddle fitters in training and horse owners who are wanting to develop their knowledge further.

Kay said, “When I retired from regular saddle fitting in 2015, I wanted to find a way of sharing the knowledge that I had acquired over my 50 years of experience. My brother suggested that I made a film on the subject, the result being a series of eight films that cover everything from what you will need to learn to become a saddle fitter, through all stages of fitting up to dealing with those ‘difficult to fit’ horses. I hope that these films will help those wishing to train in this field, whilst also providing useful information for equestrian professionals and our horse owners.”


1. Skills that you will need to have, those that you will need to acquire and guidance on setting up a business as a saddle fitter. Skill, abilities & Starting a Business
2. The saddle fitter’s view of conformation, how to assess ‘the back’ and watch movement. Conformation, Back Assessment & Movement
3. Trees, their shape and influence. Different panel types and strapping options. Trees, Panels & Strapping
4. How to check new and used saddles for safety, symmetry and quality. Assessing New & Used Saddles
5. The fitting protocol- how to proceed through a fitting. The Fitting Protocol
6. How to recognise that a fit is good for horse and rider. Recognising Good Fit for Horse & Rider
7. Taking the measurements and templates that are needed for records, and for ordering a bespoke saddle. The influence a rider’s abilities and faults can have on a saddle fit. Taking Measurements & Templates
8. How to go about getting a satisfactory fit for a difficult horse. Fit the Difficult Horse
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